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Eerie Harbor Ghost Walk

Join us in the Ashtabula Harbor for our Eerie Harbor Ghost Walk as we tour the historic streets of this gem with a past that is deep in tradition and history. Although many have passed or moved away over the years and decades, some  choose to never leave. Whether it is the tale of the departed spirit of a sailor, or a mysterious resident of one of the old fine homes or businesses, you will hear the stories behind these mysteries and maybe, if you're lucky, experience them as well. Hear the tales of early settlers of the world's largest iron ore handling port in the late 1800's. Learn about life with the many various cultures, the battles they faced, the brothels, and the 52 saloons along the harbor streets.

We base our stories on a mix of documentation, firsthand experiences and history.

Our Mission

  • We take pride in our tours and giving you a terrific experience is our greatest goal and our greatest success. 
  • Our guide is passionate and our tour is a fantastic, fun experience, which we hope you love.
  • Be prepared for a historical journey through The Historic Ashtabula Harbor with a haunted twist.
  • We honor our history and do expect certain theatrics for entertainment's sake.

We limit our the number of people in order to keep it intimate and attentive, average length is 1 1/2 hours hour.  Admission $20  and youth 12 and under is $10. 




Eerie Harbor Ghost Walk 

1003 Bridge Street (meet location/Harbor Perk)

Ashtabula, Ohio 44004


Call or text to reserve (440) 228-8458



Starting point is located at the Harbor Perk


Harbor Perk

1003 Bridge Street 

Ashtabula, Ohio 44004



Photography by Martello Photography and submitted images.

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